Complexity is a given.  Simplicity is the goal.

Human Resources

Many organizations are beginning to discover the value of the data resource that has been hidden within Human Resources.  Information about the people of the organization as well as the structure of the organization itself is proving to be vital to understanding what is happening and how.

It is not possible to define some of the costs of doing business without knowing the FTE status of the individuals involved in a process.  Management of processes only becomes truly feasible when we can automate notifications and get them to the appropriate person in the management chain.  This means that the data describing reporting realtionships must be available to query.

Organizations subject to various law or regulation governing compliance must be prepared to to identify who did what to some piece of information at some point in the past.  This requires maintaining a name history, a reporting history, a location/assignment history, possibly a phone number history, a technology login history and perhaps others as well.

Responsibility for this must be sorted out but HR has the data sources.

HR should be very interested in Data Management.

The best information for the best decision.

Leadership for change, management for effectiveness, governance for stability.