The Key Process Areas of the CMMI

[Following are] the key process areas for each maturity level in the CMMI. Each key process area identifies a cluster of related activities that, when performed collectively, achieve a set of goals considered important for enhancing process capability. The key process areas have been defined to reside at a single maturity level. The key process areas are building blocks that indicate the areas an organization should focus on to improve its software process. Key process areas identify the issues that must be addressed to achieve a maturity level.  

The CMMI is not a methodology unless it is a managment methodology.  Note that many of the interrelationships are readily visible and the concepts can be applied to the production of virtually any products.  For example, each dimension of Data Management contains a requirement for some sort of specification (requirements specification).  In fact, it is tempting to consider all of the CMMI as a specification for a data management plan.
  1. Initial
  2. Repeatable
  3. Defined
  4. Managed
  5. Optimizing

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